Hello from Andrea Pruett, I have owned the Bagdad Cafe for over 30 years. It has been so much fun and a pleasure to meet all the people who have visited from all over the world. We created this new web site to share all the information about the Bagdad Cafe, the Bagdad Cafe Movie and of course the song from the movie…….Calling You.

To listen to this beautiful song, from the movie Calling You by Jevetta Steele….Click play!

If you can not visit here in person someday, take a look around and you can explore every part of the World Famous Bagdad Cafe, The unique movie posters, watch the movie, and listen to all the different versions of Calling You, You can take a look on every wall and ceiling covered with flags, banners, dollar bills, hand written notes, pictures……… 30 plus years of memorabilia from around the world. and people still visit almost every day.

Find out out about the upcoming documentary about Andrea Pruett and The World Famous Bagdad Cafe.

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We have tried to create a one stop website for you to find everything about the World Famous Bagdad Cafe inside and out. There are many links, pictures and videos from people who have visited, written their stories and also been to the Mojave Valley surrounding the Bagdad Cafe which has many surprises and natural features you can enjoy watching their videos.


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Bagdad Cafe History

Andrea Pruett has been here for 30 Years.

The Bagdad Cafe Movie

The Bagdad Cafe Movie was Filmed Here in 1987.

Calling You Movie Song

Listen to the Song and the Many Cover Versions.

Bagdad Cafe Souvenirs

We have many Souvenirs to chose from.
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Help Save the Bagdad Cafe

We have major damage from the last rainstorms and need to have the roof repaired and restore the World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe.

You can read on the GoFundMe Page more details about the condition of the Bagdad Cafe and how you can help.