Help Save and Restore the World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe…………Find out how you can help……..

Hello from Andrea Pruett, I have owned the World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe for over 30 years.

It has been so much fun and a pleasure to meet all the people who have visited from all over the world and get to experience the Bagdad Cafe

in person, for some it has become a great memory. 


If you have never seen the Bagdad Cafe movie (1987) the slideshow above will give you a brief glimpse of the movie characters and present day look of the Bagdad Cafe.

If you have seen the movie, this will bring back good old memories. 


We created this new web site to share all the information about the Bagdad Cafe,

the Bagdad Cafe movie and of course the song from the movie…….Calling You.


To listen to this beautiful song from the Bagdad Cafe movie……………. Calling You……. by Jevetta Steele………Click play!

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The Bagdad Cafe Movie ............ Calling You ........ by Jevette Steele

We have visitors every day from 9am when we open, all day long until we close at 7pm.


Here are just a few pictures of our latest visitors in April 2024, mostly from France, a few from Belgium and Spain.


You can use the translate button in the top right corner, to convert this whole website into your own language.

Here are a few videos to watch……….. Roger talks about the new roof that his company just installed.


A Big Thank You to the many people who donated to the GoFundMe.


Roger gives us an update of the new roof they installed for the Bagdad Cafe.

A French visitor started playing his sax along with the Calling You song.

He then went outside and played in front of the Bagdad Cafe.

A  bus tour with many French visitors enjoying the Bagdad Cafe.

Another group of French visitors started singing in French.





On May 24, 2024  Wonderhussy came back to the Bagdad Cafe’ to do a follow up video on the very successful Bagdad Cafe’ GoFundMe, she helped spread the word about the GoFundMe back in February through her adventure videos channel on You Tube.


Her loyal viewers  donated over $24,000.00 to help Save and Restore the World Famous Historical Bagdad Cafe’


We had a new roof installed and she came out to take a look and speak with Mark the Manager and Andrea Pruett the owner for over 30 years.


This is short video edited from what was part of her regular video titled “Have Fun, Will Travel: Never a Dull Moment on the Edge of Death Valley”. this is a fun video to watch.


Wonderhussy publishes about 2 videos every week and has lots of videos over the years with places that are unique and she makes them entertaining.




Please support the Wonderhussy You Tube Channel and you can have fun watching all her videos as she explores the west and places you never knew existed.


She is a Great Friend of the Bagdad Cafe’


We  printed out 4 pictures of Wonderhussy and posted them on the wall, you can see the larger versions on the right.


A Big Thank You to all the people who donated to Help Save and Restore the Bagdad Cafe’


The Bagdad Cafe’ has made small improvements inside and on the outside the last few months, no more buckets to collect rain water.


We have tour buses stopping by with French visitors almost everyday now and Americans are stopping by on their travels on Route 66.


We are getting ready for the 100th year anniversary of Route 66 in 2026.

This is the Wonderhussy video back in February 28, 2024 to let everyone know about the GoFundMe and to show the condition of the Bagdad Cafe’. She talked with Andrea Pruett the owner for over 30 years.

This is the first Wonderhussy video of the Bagdad Cafe’ from Nov 7, 2016.

This shows you how the Bagdad looked in its hay day, banners and flags hanging from the ceiling and the kitchen was open.

The World Famous Historical Bagdad Cafe’

On June 26, 2024, a bus tour with 49 French visitors stopped by on their trip of America to enjoy the Bagdad Cafe’.

Another of the many wonderful surprising things that happen at the Bagdad Cafe.


A gentlemen named Mr. Greg from Poland, who has visited before and came with his family, made a $1,000.000 donation to get the Bagdad Cafe’ Water Tank (that was used in the Bagdad Cafe’ movie) repaired and mounted back on top of the metal stand out by Highway 40.


We are working on doing some welding to the frame and adding a few support wires to keep the sometimes strong winds out here to not have the tank fall off the stand.



We will run electrical power to light up the Water Tank and the new Freeway Wooden Sign.


We need to reconstruct the old freeway sign, so it will be visible to both directions of traffic on Hwy 40.


We are also going to construct a large flag pole to fly a large American flag. with lights.


If we can make it work would to set up a mannequin on ladder with a mechanical arm pushing a broom up and down to match the scene from the movie…..stay tuned.



You can find all the many more pictures and more videos from the Bagdad Cafe and look at all the thousands of items visitors…

have left on the walls and ceilings over the past 30 years with the links below.

If you can not visit here in person someday, take a look around and you can explore every part of the World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe’.


You can find out about our history, how it all started and what has happened over the past 30 plus years,

The collection of unique movie posters from around the world, watch the movie, for the first time or again and

listen to all the different cover versions of Calling You.


If you want a souvenir, we have a few items, but will be adding more new items in the near future.

Andrea Pruett has been here for 30 Years.
The Bagdad Cafe Movie was Filmed Here in 1987.
Listen to the Song and the Many Cover Versions.
We have many Souvenirs to chose from.

You can take a look on every wall and ceiling covered with flags, banners, dollar bills, hand written notes, pictures……… 30 plus years of memorabilia from around the world. and people still visit every day.           Watch some of the videos and pictures from our visitors.      Read the daily entries to our  Guestbook.

Here are visitors Videos and Pictures.
There are so many items, dollar bills, notes, pictures that visitors have left.
People have left Flags of Countries, Soccer teams,
Over 30 plus years of Guestbooks signed from people who visited in person.

Find out out about the upcoming documentary about Andrea Pruett and The World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe.

Join our mailing list to receive our newsletter for information about all the going ons here.


You can also become a World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe Member, receive the newsletter, you can choose your free products included and also receive discounts on any new products, ect……


We have tried to create a one stop website for you to find everything about the World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe inside and out.


There are many links, pictures and videos from people who have visited, written their stories and also been to the Mojave Valley surrounding the Bagdad Cafe which has many surprises and natural features you can enjoy watching their videos.

We are just one of many attractions to explore on the Historic Route 66.
Newberry Springs is a nice small town in the Mojave Desert. There are some interesting things here besides the Bagdad Cafe.
The Mojave Desert is a very unique place, with lots of interesting places to explore.
Find out how to get here from where you are..

All of us at the Bagdad Cafe stand with America and what she stands for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Make America Great Again. 

We can be a stop for you or a group to have lunch or a few beers on your next road trip along the Historic Route 66. Want to book the Bagdad for a Special Occasion. Check our Calendar for Special Events planned. 

We can be one of your stops on a road run, have a few beers and lunch
Book the Bagdad for your Special Occasion.
Check the Calendar for any Special Events Planned.
We have Special Events during the year, come by and enjoy the Bagdad Cafe.

Stop by the Bagdad Cafe to look around at the walls and ceilings, Take pictures and videos. Put something on the walls yourself. Have something to eat or even a few beers. Help support the Friends of the Bagdad Cafe. Become a member of the Bagdad Cafe, get some free products and discounts on future products to help support the Bagdad Cafe. Get your Historic Route 66 Passport book stamped. 

Enjoy a breakfast or lunch at the Bagdad Cafe.
These are the friends of the Bagdad Cafe who support us and keep us open into the future.
Become a part of the Bagdad Cafe with a Membership.
Get your Route 66 Passport Stamp here.

If you are traveling on Historic Route 66 or Highway I-40, you can find out where to stay close by. Traveling in your RV or just have a tent to pitch and want to stop for a few hours or overnight, explore the Bagdad Cafe, have dinner and then enjoy the stars in the Mojave Desert. You must be Totally Self Contained, No Hookups. 

We have put together information about where to stay in the area.
If you want to park your Self Contained RV, for a few hours or overnight behind the Bagdad Cafe.
If you need to stay overnight behind the Bagdad Cafe, pitch your tent and enjoy the dessert skies at night.
There are many companies that have bus tours that stop at the Bagdad Cafe.

Send us any item you want put up on the inside of the Bagdad Cafe. Check the weather in the area, nice cool weather in the wintertime and  hot in the summer.

If you want to ever Donate, you can do it directly to the Bagdad Cafe or use the GoFundMe account.

If you can not visit, send us your items to put up on the inside of Bagdad Cafe.
We can go from mild winters to some hot summer months.
Donate whatever you can to keep the Bagdad Cafe open.
We created a GoFundMe Account to Donate.

We have a Airstream Trailer in the same spot as the movie. The Bagdad Water Tower has been moved closer to the I-40 Highway. You can take videos and pictures with these movie props. We are working on making the Snake Boomerang and the many Paintings from the movie.

This is the unique Snake Boomerang from the Bagdad Movie.
There are many paintings from the Bagdad Movie.
The Airstream trailer that Jack Palance lived in.
The Bagdad Water Tower

We have just a few products left to purchase, some Shirts, Shot Glasses and Postcards. We are ordering new products to be available before April. There is generic pictures of  some ideals of new products, if you have any suggestions of what you would like, let us know.

All content and design details for this website are copyrighted and the property of Norwapy. Any part or whole may not be used without written permission. All Rights Reserved. March 6, 2024

Website designed by Norwapy.

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Help Save the Bagdad Cafe

We had major damage from the last rainstorms and need to have the roof repaired and restore the World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe.


You can read on the Bagdad Cafe Fund Raiser Page more details about the condition of the Bagdad Cafe and how you can help.


We just started this new website, in February 2024, which for the first time will let you experience everything at the Bagdad Cafe.


We will be adding more items all the time.


Thank you for all your support and spread the word.