Bagdad Cafe History

The World Famous Bagdad Cafe has been around for over 30 years, the Owner Andrea Pruett has bee n here since the beginning.

It was built around 1950 named the Sidewinder Cafe and then in 1992 it became the Bagdad Cafe.

You will find Andrea Pruett’s story and how the Bagdad Cafe was started and some of the fun things that have happened here.

We also have placed links together sites that have written about the Bagdad Cafe and there are many many links to items about the Bagdad Cafe.

People exploring the area and stopping by

We also have a page for each contries visitors and their experiences

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Help Save the Bagdad Cafe

We have major damage from the last rainstorms and need to have the roof repaired and restore the World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe.

You can read on the GoFundMe Page more details about the condition of the Bagdad Cafe and how you can help.