Help Save and Restore the World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe

Update as of April 19, 2024.

We have now completed the installation of a brand new roof.


We now have the 30 year old phone number for the Bagdad Cafe back in Service and with Internet service along with WIFI for the Guests.


A BIG THANK YOU to the 591 people who donated to the GoFundMe and for all the people who came by in person to Donate.

The World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe needs your help.


We want to keep the Bagdad Cafe open way into the future and not have it disappear like a lot of places along Route 66.


Andrea Pruett who is the owner and has been here everyday for over 30 years, was hit with a few things that almost closed the Bagdad Cafe down for good.

Fund Raiser

We have started a Fund Raising effort to get the Bagdad Cafe back on its feet and be ready for the summer season of bus tours with many  international visitors and for all Americans to stop by while on the road, to enjoy the Bagdad Cafe…………. Scroll down to Donate.

No Damage Years Before

Here are some pictures before Covid and the Bagdad Cafe was doing well.

Major Damage After Heavy Rains

These are pictures in January 2024 and the drywall ceiling was water soaked and was falling down in spots, (creating a Safety Hazard) we needed to remove all the drywall and wet insulation. We have stored everything in a dry place, all the hundred of items from flags of many countries, soccer teams, hats, banners.

Replace the Roof

We are hoping to raise enough money to have a  roofing contractor remove the old roof from the 1950s down to the wood structure, then add plywood sheets and next, all new hot mopped roofing sheets on the flat roof with new metal edging. Which should last for many, many years and protect everything inside the Bagdad Cafe.


Patched Roof

As you can tell from the roof pictures we have patched and patched almost every spot on the roof, last years rains with very hurricane strong winds and a few big storms this year, the water found several new spots to leak from. We had many buckets and trash cans placed all over  to collect the water.

Brand New Roof for the Bagdad Cafe

Here is a short video from Roger one of the Roofers and a few pictures of the almost finished new roof, compare how it used to look before.

Phone Back in Service 1-760-257-3101

Phone Disconnected

Another problem that Andrea has suffered, is because she was not making enough money to cover all her bills, she could not pay the phone bill, the phone number, which she has had for over 30 years, which allowed her to be able to process credit cards for when the kitchen was open or if someone wanted to purchase a shirt or other Souvenir items………..She is strictly cash only right now.


Temporary Number

We have a temporary number, (760-267-6486) so you can call the Bagdad Cafe. We are hoping to have the old phone number (760-257-3101) back up and running along with being able to process credits cards, so in the future, if anyone wants to donate or purchase any products in person or from our new web site they can use a credit card.


There are 3 ways you can help the Bagdad Cafe.

1. We setup a GoFundMe account, but some people are not comfortable with this choice.

You can read all the comments on the GoFundMe Site from the over 500 people who have already donated to Save the Bagdad Cafe.

2. The Second way is to Donate directly to the Bagdad Cafe.


You can mail a check directly (made out to Bagdad Cafe) to the Bagdad Cafe address.

46458 National Trails Highway, Newberry Springs, California. 92365





We have had several people stop by in person to donate and also have mailed checks, because of Wonderhussy’s video.

We are creating a comments section for folks to add their personal comments and support. Check back. 

3. The Third way is to Purchase any of the Bagdad Cafe Products.

Until we get the original phone number back in operation and then can process credit cards,

you can only buy products at the Bagdad Cafe in person.

Hopefully soon will have the situation solved and you will be able to purchase what you want on the Bagdad Cafe Website.

Inside Ceiling Repair

After the flat roof has brand new roofing material, we will then turn to inside the Bagdad Cafe.


We will insulate the ceiling joists, install new drywall, new lights, paint the ceiling white and then we can put back all the memorabilia that was covering every inch of the old ceiling and the Bagdad Cafe will look like it did just a few years ago.

Kitchen Closed

The kitchen has been closed for a couple of years now, due to COVID with no customers. There was no money to pay for the cook and food supplies.


We will have the ventilation system cleaned and the fire extinguisher system certified for safety, permits and get everything cleaned and fully stocked ready to open by June 2024 or sooner if we can.


New Products

Since the Bagdad Cafe has just a few small quantities of Shirts, Shot Glasses and Post Cards to sell.

We need to place an order to stock up for our products to have a variety of items for people to purchase as a souvenir or gift. We have plans to add many new items relating to the Bagdad Movie and to the Bagdad Cafe itself.

We would rather be selling our products and serving meals, instead of having to Fund Raise. Thank you for the support.

Wonderhussy Adventures

We asked Wonderhussy to come to the Bagdad to do another video (first one was 7 years ago) and help with our GoFundMe and she came through big time, her loyal subscribers and anyone who has watched this new video went to the GoFundMe page and have been so generous to Help Save and Restore the Bagdad Cafe.


We have had over 500 people donate so far, you can read their wonderful comments. Wonderhussy published her video on February 28, 2024 and at the end of the first day people donated $7,900.00.


Please support Wonderhussy by watching her over 700 videos’  traveling around Nevada and California. She has many products to purchase and if you click subscribe on her You Tube page, this is how she gets revenue to continue providing great videos.


She makes very entertaining videos and she is is fun to watch.


Just found a few more links on her You Tube page, click the ‘more’ under the video and you can donate for her Fuel, Dinner and/or Merch, directly, she also has a 2024 calendar.


Her website is


We have created a page for the Friends of the Bagdad and she is our first, if anyone else wants to become a Friend of the Bagdad, send us an email.

Published February 28, 2024  Video # 777 and in 7 days it has already 63,409 views. She has over 262k subscribers.

This video was published November 7, 2016.

New World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe Website

The web site was was just created in February 2024, this will allow the world to now experience the Bagdad Cafe.

There is a lot to do, to add content for the many menu items we have created so far, look around and let us know what you think and any suggestions.


With the website people world wide can now purchase any of our souvenir’s and will ship internationally.


This will add new revenue to the Bagdad Cafe to keep us open for the future.


Thank you all for your help and support.

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