Bagdad Cafe GoFundMe Project

The World Famous Bagdad Cafe needs your help, this building was built back in 1950s and  now the roof is in bad shape, last year in 2023 we had monsoons rains during the summer and we started to have a few leaks.
Now in the winter of 2024 we have major leaks, the ceiling soaked the drywall and part of the ceiling came down, we had to remove all the flags, shirts and everything from the ceilings and are stored in a dry place to be put back up.  we then removed the drywall and insulation to open rafters
We have had buckets on the floor and had to move things out of the way to keep them dry.
We need to fix the roof completely and then put in new insulation redo some wiring, install new drywall and finish, paint and then we can finally put all the flags and shirts and other misc stuff that visitors have brought to the Bagdad Cafe over the years.

GoFundMe Link

Here is the link to the GoFundMe site. You can  donate through the site and tell all your friends about with a email share below
If you want you can also buy something from tne Bagdad Cafe Souvenir Store.
You can mak a straight donation or become a member of the friends of the Bagdad Cafe, you can get free merchandise for joining and discounts for future purchases, receive our newletter
During the covid lock downs we barely survived, and last year with the big rains in California, we had several leaks from the roof and starting damaging some of the memorabilia that people have put up on all the walls and ceilings over the years.
We would like to see the Bagdad Cafe continue to be here and open into the future, not like so many things along Route 66 that have disappeared and vandalized.
We need to replace the old roof, we had to remove the drywall from the ceiling inside along with the old insulation in the ceiling rafters.
Because of the water damage, it was falling down, and was a hazard, so after the roof is fixed we can install new insulation, new drywall and lighting and then paint it all white, then we can put back all the flags of many countries that people have brought us over the years and the plan is to open up before April of 2024, when the tour buses starting dropping by with new people. to visit and enjoy the Bagdad Cafe.
Any amount we raise will be a big help, we have friends in Newberry Springs who will help us with the labor, but the costs of materials, especially out here in the Mojave Desert is not something we have the funds for, but in better times in the past we did maintain the Bagdad Cafe, which was build back in 1950s.
Once we get back on our feet we should do better in the future.
Thank you for any help
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Help Save the Bagdad Cafe

We have major damage from the last rainstorms and need to have the roof repaired and restore the World Famous Historic Bagdad Cafe.

You can read on the GoFundMe Page more details about the condition of the Bagdad Cafe and how you can help.