Bagdad Cafe Souvenirs

Get a piece of history and get a souvenir fro the Bagdad Cafe or for gift.

We are in the process on ordering new products to be available for purchase from our website. We have Shot Glasses, Coffee Mugs and a few shirts left. If you want to order something, you can email us directly and we can arrange the process.


We now have the old original phone number we had for 30 years back in service.


Next step is to get the credit card payment system setup.


You can add items to your cart, but when you get to the checkout step, the payment function does not work as of today.


The fundraiser allowed us to put on a new roof this week and we are making progress to get the Bagdad Cafe back where it was a few years ago, before the COVID, shut us down.


Hopefully by May 2024, you will be able to purchase products.


You can email us at

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