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The Bagdad Cafe Movie ............ Calling You ........ by Jevette Steele

Bagdad Cafe (sometimes Bagdad Café, titled Out of Rosenheim in Germany) is a 1987 English-language West German film directed by Percy Adlon.


It is a comedy-drama set in a remote truck stop and motel in the Mojave Desert in the U.S. state of California.[1] Inspired by Carson McCullers‘ novella The Ballad of the Sad Café (1951),[2] the film centers on two women who have recently separated from their husbands, and the blossoming friendship that ensues.


It runs 95 minutes in the U.S. and 108 minutes in the German version. The song “Calling You“, sung by Jevetta Steele and written by Bob Telson, was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 61st Academy Awards.

Movie Plot


German tourists Jasmin Münchgstettner (Sägebrecht) from Rosenheim and her husband fight while driving across the American southwest desert.


She storms out of the car and makes her way to an isolated truck stop cafe, which is run by the tough-as-nails and short-tempered Brenda (Pounder), whose own husband, after an argument out front, is soon to leave as well.


Jasmin takes a room at the adjacent motel. Initially suspicious of the foreigner, Brenda eventually befriends Jasmin and allows her to work at the cafe.


The cafe is visited by an assortment of colorful characters, including a strange ex-Hollywood set-painter (Palance) and a glamorous tattoo artist (Kaufmann). Brenda’s son (Darron Flagg) plays J. S. Bach preludes on the piano.


With an ability to quietly empathize with everyone she meets at the cafe, helped by a passion for cleaning and performing magic tricks, Jasmin gradually transforms the cafe and all the people in it.



The script was inspired by a road trip across U.S. Route 66 taken by director Percy Adlon and his wife Eleanor, a producer, in 1984.[3] The town of Barstow, California reminded the couple of “purgatory.”[4] The German title is a joke based on Jasmin’s lack of English: while she means to say that she is from Rosenheim, she actually says that she is “out of Rosenheim,” with the title also making reference to Sidney Pollack‘s then recently released popular 1985 film Out of Africa. The film was shot in sequence.[3]



The setting, Bagdad, California, is a former town on the National Trails Highway (U.S. Route 66). After being bypassed by Interstate 40 in 1973, it was abandoned and eventually razed. While the town had a “Bagdad Cafe,” the film was shot at the then Sidewinder Cafe in Newberry Springs, 50 miles west of the site of Bagdad. The cafe has become something of a tourist destination; to capitalize on the film, it changed its name to Bagdad Cafe. A small notice board on the cafe wall features snapshots of the film’s cast and crew. In 2015, the motel was torn down and the trailer was removed from the property.

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Cast of the Bagdad Cafe Movie


Marianne Sägebrecht

Shortly after being discovered by director Percy Adlon in a 1977 production of “Adele Spitzeder”, Marianne Sägebrecht was cast as Madame Sanchez/Mrs. Sancho in the Director’s TV special Herr Kischott (1980), a spin on “Don Quixote”. Eventually, the actress became a muse (for lack of better term) to Adlon and consecutively starred in leading roles in several of the Director’s films, one of which garnered Sägebrecht commercial success: the performance as Jasmin Münchgstettner, a woman who mysteriously appears just to bring luminosity to the old, beaten down, and spiritually deprived Bagdad Café in, Bagdad Cafe (1987), earned her a German Film Award.

CCH Pounder

The CCH stands for Carol Christine Hilaria, her birth name. Most of her characters are enriched with positive attributes — strength, confidence, integrity, strong-mindedness — and it is a testament to the abilities of this four-time Emmy nominated actress that she continues on such a high plane in a five-decade career.

Jack Palance

Jack Palance (/ˈpæləns/ PAL-əns; born Volodymyr Palahniuk (Ukrainian: Володимир Палагню́к); February 18, 1919 – November 10, 2006) was an American actor known for playing tough guys and villains. He was nominated for three Academy Awards, all for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, for his roles in Sudden Fear (1952) and Shane (1953), and winning almost 40 years later for City Slickers (1991).

Born in Lattimer Mines, Pennsylvania, the son of Ukrainian immigrants, Palance served in the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. He attended Stanford University before pursuing a career in the theatre. He made his film acting debut in Panic in the Streets (1950). Following his roles in Sudden Fear and Shane, he starred as Count Dracula in the 1974 television film Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and played crime lord Yves Perret in Tango & Cash (1989). He was also the host of the ABC television series Ripley’s Believe It or Not! (1982–1986).

Percy Adlon


(Out of Rosenheim), 1987

“Ninety-one minutes of happiness.”

– Le Monde

Marianne Sägebrecht

Driving through the Mojave Desert somewhere between Las Vegas and Disneyland, A middle-aged German tourist couple has a spat…and te wife, Jasmin, strikes out on her own.

Winner of numerous awards and an international box-office success, BAGDAD CAFE creates, in the midst of desolation, an oasis of friendship.

A film by Percy Adlon

Screenplay by Percy and Eleonore Adlon

Produced by Eleonore Adlon

Director of Photography – Bernd Heinl

Editor – Norbert Herzner

Production Design – Bernt Amadeus Capra

Music by Bob Telson

A pelemele Film production

Premiered at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, 1987, and won Best Film.

Shot on 35mm Kodak film, in Newberry Springs, CA on Route 66, April 1987.

English, 108 min

Subtitle options: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

This is the first time Brenda and Jasmin meet. Jasmin rents a room.  Jasmin asks Brenda where the center of Bagdad is located. This is it.

Jasmin goes to her room and looks at the solar rays picture on the wall. Jasmin finds out she took her husbands suitcase by mistake.


Movie Posters and Paintings

Here are some of the movie posters for the movie.

Airstream Trailer

The air stream trailer is where Jack Palance’s character lived and painted .

Water Tower

This is the Water Tower from the Bagdad Cafe Movie.

Solar Rays Tattoo

This is the Solar Rays Tattoo 

Bagdad Motel

Unique pictures from the Movie

This is the first time Brenda and Jasmin meet. She rents a room and see s the solar ray painting

This is the 4K Blu Ray 30th Edition

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